Smooth, Toned Skin with EmTone™

What is EmTone treatment? 

Emtone is a non-invasive treatment to reduce cellulite. Emtone uses a combination of radio frequency and targeted pressure energy. The device is the first and only that delivers both thermal and mechanical energy to treat all of the major contributing factors of cellulite.

Causes of cellulite

  • Long term sun damage
  • Weight gain and loss
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Loss of thickness in skin
  • Poor circulation

How does EmTone work?

EmTone works by using radio frequency energy to warm skin to approximately 108 to 111 degrees fahrenheit. At this temperature, your body's collagen undergoes structural changes that tighten the existing collagen fibers and stimulate new collagen production. This results in tightened skin with more elasticity. 

EmTone also emits acoustic waves that disrupt and stimulate the skin, which boost circulation and discourage the collected fluid that gives cellulite its bumpy appearance. 

New collagen production continues to tighten the skin and fat deposits will even out for some time after the EmTone treatment. 

Does EmTone really work? 

Improvements may be visible after your very first treatment. Improvements continue over the next several weeks, with optimal results seen approximately 12 weeks after the last session. There is no down time after this non-invasive treatment.

The Emtone treatment feels like a hot stone massage with intense vibrations. You can lay down and relax during your treatment.

How much does EmTone cost?

The price varies depending on the problem area being addressed for treatment, but we can assure you that it is more affordable than invasive plastic surgery or surgical procedures. We invite you to contact us and schedule a complimentary consultation so we can discuss your own treatment plan and provide an exact quote.

Where to get EmTone?

We offer EmTone at our luxury medispa in Dublin, Ohio near Bridge Park. You don’t have to spend another day worrying about the sight of your skin. Feel confident showing skin this summer. Contact Solutions IV Boutique & Medispa today for your expert consultation. Take the first step in the journey toward the body you have always wanted.

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