Bridal Shower? 3 Activities to get the gals together before your wedding!

Are you getting ready for your big day?

At Solutions IV Boutique & MediSpa we will have you looking polished and gorgeous for your wedding. 

Bringing together a group of gals (or guys!) who may not already know each other very well to stand side-by-side on your big day requires a get-to-know each other process. Weddings are something that often creates friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.

Make sure your friends are tight before the big day by including the following activities in your schedule. There are very few times in your life when all of your friends from corners of your life come together, so make sure you make the most of it!

1. Treat Yourself to a Day at the Medispa

You could consider us impartial, but we think nothing is quite as fun and refreshing as a day of self-care with those you love! Indulge yourselves in treatment to bond and prepare for the excitement ahead! 

At Solutions, we would be honored to help prepare you for your big day from start to finish. We will give you space for your bridal party to join you as well.

Call and set up a free consultation to map out your bridal journey with us 😍

2. Go to a Yoga Class

‍A different type of self-care, but just as important is to get your sweat on! Grab your closest friends and set a time to take a class or do a workshop to learn some new moves and stretches together. 

There is nothing quite as bonding (and stress-reducing!) as gathering in a group to breathe and take care of your body. 

We love that YogaSix/Dublin offers different types of sensory-driven classes, from heated to non-heated, strength to agility, indoors and outdoors, so you can cater your workout to something you love. 

3. Plan Something with the Groomsmen 

‍Don’t forget to get your crew acquainted with your partners before the wedding! This can eliminate nerves and get everyone more comfortable together pre the rehearsal dinner. 

Whether it’s dinner, brunch, a pool day, or a spa day, keep things simple and pressure-free with a fun get-together for the wedding party! 

It’s important to remember when planning your pre-wedding event that everyone has their own opinions, budgets, and schedules, so take everyone’s perspectives into consideration.

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