Cellulite Assault: It’s time to pull out the big guns

Your best summer body is waiting for you at Solutions IV Boutique & Medispa!

Cellulite is notoriously difficult to treat and oftentimes requires a multi-faceted approach to eliminate its appearance.

It’s time to pull out the big guns.

Leave your cellulite worries behind with our limited-time Cellulite Assault treatment!

You Receive:

  • 2 treatments of Morpheus 8 (same area, spaced approximately 4 weeks apart)
  • 4 treatments of EmTone (same area, weekly between Morpheus8 treatments)
  • 90 Day supply of Skinade Targeted Solution for Cellulite
  • 6oz “Next-Gen” Alastin Body Transform for at-home use
  • A NuBody Microcurrent device for at-home use.

$3450 ($5250 value)

Offer valid through July 4, 2022