Efficiently Build Muscle & Burn Body Fat with EmSculpt

Build Muscle & Burn Body Fat with EmSculpt

Your body’s appearance is made up of bone, muscles, and fat. Every day you use these components of your body through work and play. 

Often, many people feel as if there’s something they wish to improve about themselves and their bodies. Whether it is shedding off a few pounds or gaining muscle, there’s typically something we wish was better about ourselves. 

When life happens – it gets in the way of these goals. We lack the time and energy to commit to these self-improvement goals.

How would you feel if this summer you felt confident in a swimsuit? 

Looking to build a booty?

What about having the additional muscle strength to have the core you want?

Maybe you want to work back to feeling the way you did before having children? 

Being healthy and strong is important. EmSculpt is an influencer-kept secret used by many men and women to achieve their desired look. The goal of EmSculpt is to work with your current routine and provide an extra boost to your defined improvement areas. 

EmSculpt is the holy grail to achieving firmer arms, a sculpted core, or lifted butt – without invasive surgery.

The non-invasive, what we call HIFEM® (high intensity focused electromagnetic) energy creates muscle contractions – defined focused movement not possible through your regular workout routine. 

The HIFEM® energy sinks into body fat and muscle layers, forcing them to adapt. Simultaneously, EmSculpt builds muscle and burns fat by providing just about 20,000 contractions. Rapid contractions also allow your muscles to release chemicals – telling fat cells in the area to break down.

The result? Less fat and sculpted muscles.

When you visit our office for an EmSculpt Treatment, you can expect to lay down and relax for 30 minutes, all while your muscles complete an intense workout. 

You will feel results immediately and continue to see them over 2 to 4 weeks of time. For maximum results, we recommend scheduling four treatments a few days apart. This will allow the time and follow-up for the longest-lasting impact.

As Drew Barrymore says in her defined life-changing experience with EmSculpt, “All the cool girls are doing it for sure!” 

Patients on average can expect a 16% muscle mass increase and an average 19% fat reduction after treatment. 

Don’t wait! Get started by scheduling a consultation to learn more about how EmSculpt can help your problem areas.