Get Rid of Cellulite with New EmTone

With the warm weather nearly upon us, many men and women in the greater Columbus, OH area may be feeling a little self-conscious about the state of their “summer body.” Shorts, bathing suits, and other summer attire can make it feel like your body is under a magnifying glass – a feeling especially familiar to anyone embarrassed by stubborn cellulite. But, thanks to the new Emtone, you actually can get rid of cellulite!

Unfortunately, Cellulite is profoundly common: roughly 90%of all women will develop cellulite in their lifetime. But, in spite of being so universal, cellulite can be a major source of frustration and embarrassment– especially in summer clothes or during intimate moments. If that sounds like you, it’s time to say goodbye to cellulite and hello to EmTone!

In this article, the fat loss experts at Solutions IV MediSpa in the Columbus, OH area discuss how EmTone gets rid of cellulite –without exercise, without dieting, and with no downtime.

How EmTone Gets Rid of Cellulite

Any woman with cellulite knows that neither exercise nor dieting will get rid of the unsightly lumps and bumps of cellulite. In the past, the only way to get rid of cellulite was a difficult, painful process that required risky surgery and lengthy downtime. But with EmTone, getting rid of cellulite is as easy as calling our medical spa to schedule a consultation.

Numerous factors can contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Now available at Solutions IV MediSpa in the Columbus, OH area, EmTone is the only treatment on the market capable of addressing every factor that contributes to cellulite.

Cellulite can occur when subcutaneous fat chambers become enlarged, or when metabolic waste accumulates under the skin. Cellulite may also occur in individuals with poor blood flow or loose skin elasticity, and the dimples of cellulite are often the product of rigid collagen fibers.

But whatever the cause, by simultaneously generating two separate forms of energy, EmTone is able to treat all of the factors that contribute to cellulite.  

The EmTone device used by our Columbus, OH area fat loss experts was created by BTL, a world leader in aesthetic treatments. Using a combination of thermal monopolar radiofrequency and mechanical targeted pressure energy, EmTone repairs the skin at a cellular level – increasing the body’s production of collagen and elastin.  

As the skin is rejuvenated, and metabolic waste is eliminated, the treated area once again becomes smooth, supple, and toned – and free from the tell-tale dimpling of cellulite.

Benefits of Using EmTone to Get Rid of Cellulite

With no skin color or BMI restrictions, all of our Columbus, OH area patients can get rid of cellulite with EmTone – regardless of skin tone or body type!

And, according to recent clinical research, EmTone is 64% more effective for building elastin than other cellulite treatments, and 59% more effective for producing collagen.

Furthermore, when compared to other cellulite treatments on the market, EmTone was demonstrated to be 50% faster. And if that wasn’t enough, studies also show EmTone patients having a satisfaction rate of as much as 90%.

While most of our Columbus, OH area patients achieve the best results after a series of 4 EmTone treatments (scheduled weekly or twice weekly), some have seen their cellulite visibly improve after just one single treatment.

Depending on the treatment area, a typical EmTone procedure only takes 20 minutes to complete. And unlike the cellulite procedures of the past, EmTone is virtually painless – with some of our clients comparing the experience to a hot stone massage.

Furthermore, EmTone comes with zero downtime. As soon as they leave our Columbus, OH area facility, EmTone patients can resume their normal, daily routine while they look forward to their cellulite-free future.  

Get Rid of Cellulite with EmTone – Columbus, OH Area

There was a time when cellulite was simply one of life’s unfortunate realities. But thanks to EmTone, getting rid of cellulite is now fast, easy and painless. Never before has a non-invasive cellulite treatment delivered such remarkable results.

Thanks to EmTone, patients can confidently and comfortably dress for the summer without worrying about cellulite.  EmTone is safer and less painful than traditional surgery and offers visible results much more rapidly – with no recovery time.  

If you’re in the Columbus, OH area, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacqueline Graham at Solutions IV MediSpa to learn more about how EmTone gets rid of cellulite – and be ready to look great in your bathing suitor daisy dukes by summer!