NuFACE: The Take-Home Microcurrent Device

Medical Grade Skin Care is your Nutrition + MicroCurrent is your Exercise

Microcurrent frequency has the ability to stimulate cells for increased tissue healing and repair. The NuFACE award-winning device delivers a soft wave microcurrent to gently stimulate both the skin and muscle to improve skin appearance.

Like fitness for your face, the NuFACE device sculpts and tones. With consistent use at home, benefits are clearly visible and long-lasting.

What is microcurrent skincare?

  • Microcurrent is a very low level electrical current
  • Mimics the body’s natural bio-electrical current
  • Restores the natural frequencies within damaged cells

Depending on the location & results you’re looking for, we offer 3 NuFACE device options here at the spa for you to take home & start toning!

NuFACE Trinity Pro

This clinically tested device, also known as the 5-MinuteFacial-LiftTM, offers both visible and build-upon results. Designed for an improved facial contour & wrinkle reduction. Non-invasive, zero downtime.

The NuFACE Trinity PRO is MUCH more powerful compared to the NuFACE Trinity. It delivers 0-400 micro-amperes, whereas the regular NuFACE Trinity delivers only 0-335. Meaning you will get more lifting, & more tightening with the PRO model.


  • Smart skin sensor
  • 5-second treatment timer
  • Large spheres to fit surface areas
  • 20-minute auto shut off
  • The PRO includes a 2 year warranty


This travel-friendly anti-aging solution is a petite, portable device to take anywhere on the go.


  • Convenient, compact size
  • 5-second treatment timer
  • 5-minute auto shut-off


The NuFACE Fix is the first FDA-cleared pen-size microcurrent device for cosmetic use. This pen-sized device targets fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead. Clinically shown to help firm, smooth, and tighten within just 3-minutes of application.


  • Uses feathering techniques to minimize the appearance of fine lines
    and wrinkles
  • One treatment level – 200 microAmps
  • Micro USB cable lets you charge up wherever you go
  • Energizing hum invigorates skin during treatment
  • 3-minute auto shut-off

NuFACE is the perfect gift to give or to bring something home for yourself after treatment! 

Give us a call or visit the spa to pick up your NuFACE device today!