Improve Your Skin’s Appearance & Overall Health with Vitamin C

The human body does not produce its own vitamin C, so it is essential to include plenty of Vitamin C containing foods in our daily diets and through supplements. Foods with high levels of vitamin C include citrus fruits, leafy greens, peppers, strawberries, kiwis, and broccoli. 

What is the function of Vitamin C in our bodies?  

  • Helps to form and maintain bones, skin and blood vessels. 
  • It is a powerful  antioxidant to help reverse the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Lowers the risk of cataracts and slows macular degeneration
  • Helps the body produce collagen, L-carnitine and neurotransmitters
  • Assists the body with the absorption of iron
  • Promotes faster wound healing by facilitating tissue repair
  • Proven helpful in motion sickness

The Immune System & Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is often associated with the immune system to help the body fight colds and the flu. It is an essential micronutrient that has been found to reduce the duration of cold symptoms by an average of 8% in adults and 14% in children. 

Vitamin C can help with tissue growth, wound healing, and repair. High-dose vitamin C therapy has been found to help prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals and to work with enzymes to produce collagen. 

High-dose IV vitamin C is frequently given to patients as a treatment for infections, fatigue, connective tissue disorders, and as an adjunctive treatment for some cancers, including breast cancer. For over 50 years high dose Vitamin C for cancer patients has been heavily studied for its ability to minimize inflammation and other symptoms resulting from the cancer process, anti-cancer treatments, and vitamin C deficiency. Presently, it is used as an adjuvant to standard chemotherapeutic treatments for these benefits. With the approval of a treating oncologist, Solutions IV Boutique & MediSpa is pleased to offer this adjuvant treatment to certain cancer patients.

Vitamin C Skin Benefits

Similar to vitamin E, vitamin C is an antioxidant that not only benefits your immune health but your skin’s overall appearance. Uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines, acne scars, and dullness can be improved with vitamin C. 

Vitamin C serums have increased in popularity for good reason – they yield great results. Powerful antioxidants in the vitamin help fight daily aggressors such as UV damage and exposure to air pollution. Supplemental Vitamin C augments collagen production, by increasing the naturally occurring protein fibers in your skin to keep your skin plump and firm. 

ZO Skin Health’s 10% Vitamin C Self-Activating Serum is medical grade skin care that contains active ingredients which have been clinically proven to help diminish surface discoloration, defend against environmental triggers, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Vitamin C & Aging

Vitamin C can also be beneficial in minimizing the symptoms of menopause. During this period of biological change and hormonal shifts Vitamin C helps regulate homeostasis in the body and is critically important for a host of metabolic processes. Several studies have shown the benefits of supplemental vitamin C, especially when combined with citrus bioflavonoids, for relieving hot flashes, insomnia, and menopause-related loss of mental acuity.

Vitamin C can also help your body fortify and repair collagen during this time of change, which is necessary to strengthen the connective tissues in joints, tendons, and ligaments. Ultimately, this stabilizes the body, and the additional collagen produced from the vitamin may reduce joint aches and pains that many women face during menopause. 

According to this article, taking higher levels of vitamin C leads to higher cognitive function and higher bone density in some women compared to their counterparts who did not take increased vitamin C. 

Vitamin C IV Therapy Near Columbus

Vitamin C is a powerful supplement with many health benefits. To experience the benefits of Vitamin C for yourself, visit us at Solutions IV Boutique & Medispa where we offer Vitamin C IV Therapy and other solutions focused on your body and wellness needs.

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