WINNER! New Beauty Award 2023 – Best Collagen Drink

Have you heard the news?

Our favorite Collagen Drink is a winner!

Skinade allows you to drink your way to beautiful skin.

Clinically Proven: Skin-care professionals recommend Skinade as part of their protocol to improve in-clinic treatments

Daily Essential: A refreshing daily skin-care drink that nourishes and supports your beauty regimen from within

Good For: Improving skin hydration and radiance while increasing skin elasticity, reducing fine lines and dry skin

Taste: Naturally flavored with peach and mangosteen

 What continues to make SkinadeĀ® The World’s No1 Professional Grade Collagen Drink?

  • Unmatched 95% absorption
  • Unmatched 100% in solution
  • Unmatched natural collagen, elastin, and HA activation 
  • Unmatched sublingual and isotonic absorption
  • Unmatched results, +73% increase in collagen density in 90 days
  • Unmatched reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Unmatched flavor profile and ease of use
  • Trusted by thousands of Aesthetic Professionals Worldwide